Do You Or Anyone You Know Need Healthcare?


The quality of your life starts with your health!

Now you can take control of your health and have more knowledge about your health than at any time in history!


ClearSCAN gives you that ability!


Watch the video below and decide if ClearSCAN can help you manage your health!

Once you have SCANNED your vitals you are now better equipped to use ClearMED to discuss your health with a healthcare professional.

Watch the video below and decide if ClearMED can help you manage your health!

ClearSCAN and ClearMED are only available with ClearPHONE models 420 and 620.

ClearMED gives you unlimited calls to a healthcare professional to discuss the results of your ClearSCAN.

With ClearMED you have access to the following healthcare professionals:

  • Doctor
  • Therapist
  • Dermatologist

ClearMED is available in all 50 States with Spanish speaking professionals.


Click the link below to find out more about ClearPHONE!

You will also find out about how you can protect the data you share on your mobile device and possibly prevent yourself from becoming a victim of Identity Theft!


I want to take control of my health and secure my personal data!